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In motion

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In motion 

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Stroboscope images for physics lessons 

Motion with consequences 

Animal migration in the “Serengeti of the East"
The extraordinary migratory behaviour of the Mongolian gazelle poses major challenges for nature conservation
By Markus Bernards 

Ocean sunshade
How clouds influence climate change

By Andreas Lorenz-Meyer 

When cancer cells migrate
How metastases develop in the brain

By Anja Störiko 

Faster and faster 

The unmoved mover
How the tiniest particles approach the speed of light

By Dirk Eidemüller 

Video recognition:
Spot the difference?

By Markus Bernards 

Tickling Schrödinger's cat
When a molecule flies apart and stays bound at the same time

By Dirk Eidemüller 

Humans in motion 

Kids' stuff?
ADHD can affect adults too

By Jan Schwenkenbecher 

What can sport achieve?
Final score from a research project on immigrant integration

By Jan Schwenkenbecher 

Dampening cramp
Sports physician shows that targeted training with electrical impulses raises cramp threshold frequency

By Anne Hardy 

Motion with meaning 

Speaking with our hands
How gestures and facial expressions can underline, supplement and modify the meaning of words

By Anke Sauter 

The fox who came in from the cold
How biologist Günter Tembrock used film for his behavioural research

By Sophia Gräfe 

Mobile production, mobile consumption
How the mobility of devices has changed film production

By Laura Laabs 


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