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Perspectives on Africa

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Perspectives of Africa

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Speaking, Narrating, Remembering 

Striking continuity
What makes the Nigerian film so successful

By Pia Barth 

Searching for the silenced memory
Literary studies in Zimbabwe embark on the search for alternative narratives

By Tanaka Chidora 

“At home, we didn't even have a book about Africa"
Now and then: an intergenerational dialogue on African Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt

By Anke Sauter 

Immersion in a new language
How Africans in the Rhine-Main region learn German

By Axel Fanego Palat 

African scholars at Goethe University Frankfurt
Alain Joseph Sissao and Thompson Gyedu Kwarkye 

Peace, Democracy, Future 

A country between hope and uncertainty
Democracy, mobility and biotechnology in Tunisia after 2011

By Veit Bachmann, Kmar Bendana and Betty Rouland 

Home advantage?
Local perspectives on the peace efforts of African regional organisations

By Antonia Witt, Omar M. Bah, Sophia Birchinger, Sait Matty Jaw, Adjara Konkobo and Simone Schnabel 

Paradoxical successes, expected failures
Development projects in Africa

By Helmut Asche 

Money can't always build a better community
The impact of World Bank participatory development projects in The Gambia

By Anke Sauter 

The myth of development cooperation
Increasing demands from donor organisations make regional actors' work more difficult

By Jonas Krumbein 

An ambivalent partnership
The AFRASO programme shed light on the complex relations between Africa and Asia – with a focus on China

By Uta Ruppert and Stefan Schmid 

Spotlight on Africa 

From Africa research to Africa-related research
A change in perspective can be observed in all disciplines

By Kokou Azamede and Hans Peter Hahn 

Research in Africa – who is talking about whom?
Insights into the debate on representation, decolonisation and the future of African Studies

By Melanie Gärtner 

Faces of Frankfurt
Mamadou Diawara 

Learning from each other
The Frobenius Institute and the Oswin Köhler Archive have been cooperating closely with African partners for years

By Jonas Krumbein 

Africa Alive
Frankfurt has hosted the annual film festival since 1994

By Anke Sauter 

From slavery to Barack Obama
Simon Wendt, Professor of American Studies, on the multifaceted significance of Africa for Black America

By Dirk Frank 

History without Words 

News from the Stone Age
Archaeologists from Frankfurt study rock art in the Namib Desert

By Peter Breunig and Gabriele Franke 

Small pieces, big impact
What carbonised plant remains and clay shards reveal about the Nok culture 3,000 years ago in West Africa

By Katja Irle 

Far-travelled fragments
Archaeology wants to trace intra-African connections by analysing pottery

By Sonja Magnavita and Oumarou Amadou Idé 

Teeth of our ancestors
Discovery of a lower jaw in Malawi and what happened next

By Markus Bernards 

Climate, Earth, Environment

An attempt to rescue the savannahs
Impacts of climate change and adaptation strategies

By Andreas Lorenz-Meyer 

Here we go gathering!
A German-Beninese team is studying the world of fungi in West Africa

By Stefanie Hense 

Going with the flow
How climate and land use affect river sediments

By Markus Bernards 


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