What does the ZfH offer?

Every week, more than 150 trainers set more than 10.000 participants divided in more than 300 courses into motion. Our extensive program is designed to fit the various wishes and goals of our target audience and offers about 50 different sports to countermeasure any kind of malaise caused by the rather sedentary lifestyle at university and workplace.
The programs wide array includes different types of traditional sports like gymnastics or ball sports, trend sports like Zumba or aerial silk, and lesser common ones like martial arts or various forms of dancing, as well as fitness- and health-programs primarily designed for the improvement of well being.
Additionally, the ZfH organizes sports and fitness related events, as well as it creates spaces for 'movement and encounter', to promote social interaction and integration aside from mere physical activity, as part of its support for the GUs welcome- & integration-culture. These include, but are not limited to, tournaments and contests as well as fitness or health related excursions, which come with supplementary programs to better frame and add to their sports oriented core.
Considering health and longevity our primary focus, the ZfH contributes to the restoration, retention and improvement of not only the physical but also the social and psychological well being of members of the GU. The ZfH also offers opportunities for the acquisition of health related key competences and thereby follows the educational mandate of the GU.

Embeddedness in the Goethe-University
In April 2014, the Zentrum für Hochschulsport became part of faculty 05. This faculty is composed of the department of psychology at Campus Westend as well as the department of sports studies and the Zentrum für Hochschulsport at Campus Ginnheim. The consultative committee, established for issues regarding university sports, is a consulting committee for the Zentrum für Hochschulsport, to which the administration annually reports. The staff and students of the committee are supposed to be active users of the university sports. For example, the committee is supposed to deal with orientation,
staff issues, the financial budget, the annual budget and the annual report of the ZfH. The committee holds a meeting at least once per semester, following a summon by its chairman, accompanied by an announcement of the order of business. There is a two weeks period prior to a summon.

Statutory basis for the university sports
The university sports are established in the federal and state law. The university framework law says:
The universities contribute to the students social enhancement; they acknowledge the special needs of students with children. They take care that disabled students are not discriminated against and that they are able to utilise the university's range without additional support. They promote sport within their domain. (Hochschulrahmengesetz §2, Abs. 4, 12.04.2007).
The hessian university law says:
The universities ease the compatibility of family and study, scientific qualification or profession for their members. They consider the special needs of students with children. They work towards non-discrimination against students with disabilities, so they may have full access to its full range. They promote the athletic and cultural interests of their member.

(Hessisches Hochschulgesetz §3, Abs. 4, 14.12.2009)

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