1. Who is allowed to participate?

Status group 1: Students and trainees of the Goethe-University Frankfurt or FRA-UAS

Status group 2: Employees of the Goethe-University Frankfurt.

Status group 3: Anyone who isn't part of the aforementioned status groups.

2. How much does a participation cost?

The course fees are to be paid one time only per course per term. The exact fee depends on the participants status group. The actual fee can be obtained from the grey chart attached to the desired course (sports program). Payment is strictly done in the form of direct debit procedure.

3. How to sign up?

All participants bindingly sign up via online booking and commit themselves to pay the according fee.

The registration confirmation, as acquired at sign up, will be checked at every course date.

Please print it out or save the pdf on your mobile device.


1. Pick a course

2. Confirm

3. Fill out registration form

4. Print ticket or save pdf on mobile device

During online-registration person related data will be inquired, these data are required for course administration purposes and will only be used in this matter. By registering for the course, you automatically agree to the guidelines on the code of ethics.

4. Trial courses during open house weeks

A trial training is possible at the beginning of the lecture period, in the first two weeks. Please note that trial training is only possible in courses with available capacity. If the course is not suitable, a rebooking can be made via the university sports team.

5. I have been positively tested for Corona, what now?

Here are your next steps:  https://www.hessen.de/Handeln/Corona-in-Hessen/Quarantaene

Also, please tell us immediately so we can act accordingly.

6. Can I book a course during/in the middle of a term?

This is basically possible. Spare tickets can always be acquired via our homepage.

7. Insurance in regard to accidents during campus sports

The accident-insurance-policies of the accident-insurance of Hessia (Unfallkasse des Landes Hessen) apply to all employees and students:

Students of the Goethe-University Frankfurt and cooperating universities (FRA-UAS) are insured via the accident-insurance of Hessia, as long as they participate in events/courses which are part of the organised campus sports (des Hochschulsports), following a set timeframe and supervised by an appointed coach/trainer. Therefore insurance does not apply for free exercise/sports.

Employees of the Goethe-University Frankfurt are insured, if a sport is considered to have a compensating character in kind (which does not apply to sports which are regarded as competitive in nature) and duration, takes place in regular interval and fashion, and the circle of participants is generally narrowed down to members of the university.

For civil servants, an injury acquired during campus sports does usually not count as a work-related accident. Therefore it does not warrant accident provisions. Private insurance is highly recommended.

Guests (aka neither students nor employees of the Goethe-University) participating in one of our courses or events are generally not insured. Any kind of coverage is to be ensured personally.

Accident reports are to be handed in (info@hochschulsport.uni-frankfurt.de) in writing and less than 3 days.

The preprint as well as the consent in regards to data transmission are to be filled out and send in immediately.

8. Is it necessary to sign up for a sport in order to participate?

Yes. Every course is accompanied by a “booking" (buchen) button.

Prerequisite: You have to be eligible.

9. Is it possible to refund my booking?

Customers are not entitled to a refund. But in exceptional cases of severe circumstances (i.e. injuries) the Hochschulsport reserves itself the right to act in a gesture of goodwill.

10. Is it possible to transfer ones booking spot to someone else?

A transfer or exchange of course spots from one person to another is neither possible nor allowed!

Every booking is bound to the individual and therefore not transferable.

11. What happens, if I can't participate at one of the sessions that I have booked?

Participation is not compulsory, your booking remains intact for the remaining term.

Only you decide if you show up to your courses or not, nonetheless there is no refund if you don't.

12. Why is it necessary to fill in an email account?

A valid email account is necessary to receive your ticket, therefore it is very important to double check that your email account is correct. It is also the fastest way to inform you about potential issues like the cancellation of a course, any changes in regards to the participation (i.e. in the case of new Corona-guidelines) or even opportunities like free slots from our waiting list.

13. How does the waiting list work?

If a course is fully booked, you may sign your email address into our waiting list. As soon as a spot in the desired course is free, every person on that waiting list will get an automated email and the first one to book this slot (booking as usual via our homepage – do not respond to the email) will take it.

14. Theft

Unfortunately, every one of our facilities bears the risk of theft, especially the changing rooms.

It is therefore recommended either to never leave your valuables without surveillance or to not bring any valuables in the first place. The Hochschulsport can not be target of any claims of liability.

15. Lost and Found

Lost and found property can be handed in or retrieved at the porter's office in our main building (Tel.: 069 798-24520). We take no liability for lost items.