Statistics Unit

The Statistics Unit (QUIKKS) is responsible for producing evaluations based on administrative and survey data. We conduct primary and secondary data analyses for the purpose of presenting student distributions according to specific target groups and providing an accurate picture of the study environment at Goethe University. QUIKKS performs planning tasks that include capacity utilization and admissions calculations. To support quality assurance, the unit also administers student course evaluations and carries out university-wide surveys of current students and alumni.

Goethe University's quality assurance is based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative evaluation instruments, which can be divided into teaching-related and study-program-related indicators. Teaching-related quality assurance primarily includes course evaluations, while study-program-related quality assurance includes study-program evaluations, key figures in teaching and learning, and surveys. We also conduct other specific (target group) evaluations. 

The main study-program-related evaluation procedures are closely linked to the internal (re)accreditation procedures. This enables the faculties to improve their study programs in a continuous process of review and discussion. As part of the internal reaccreditation process, the results of the study-program evaluation are presented to external reviewers. The internal reaccreditation recommendations are likewise reviewed during the study-program evaluation.