​For MA Students – Master Thesis

Current deadlines and information for STS students

The registration period for the final module exams in the sommer semester 2024 begins on 29 May 2024 and ends on 26 June 2024. Registration is mandatory and only possible via QIS/LSF. Cancellation is possible within the specified period.

Master Thesis

Any member of the teaching staff involved in the STS MA program who has at least a master's degree can act as supervisor of your MA thesis ("Erstgutachter"). If your supervisor has a master's degree, the second examiner ("Zweitgutachter") must be a full professor.

Please search actively early on for a potential supervisor of your thesis to make sure that your project is accepted ‐ we recommend to approach potential supervisors latest at the beginning of your third semester. Note that not every member of the teaching staff is an expert for your subject. 

For information on particular research interests and expertise of the teaching staff please consult the LASST Website (Lab for Studies in Science and Technology).

Master Thesis

Please download the "Requirements for the master thesis" as PDF from our Download page.

Master Thesis

You can find the formular to register for your MA Thesis here.
Please send a copy of your formular to the Institute Study Administration (M.Luedecke@em.uni-frankfurt.de) and to the Prüfungsamt (m.koehler@em.uni-frankfurt.de).