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Current deadlines and information for STS students

Structure STS Program

All courses can be found on the university's administration server QIS/LSF. It also has a scheduling tool, which you can use to keep track of your individual schedule.

You can donwload the module handbook here.

Structure STS Program

Topical Modules M2 to M4

Optional modules are topical modules. Three optional modules are on offer:

  • M2: Technologies of Governance
  • M3: Markets and Cultures
  • M4: Economies of Life

To successfully complete an Optional Module, you must complete three courses listed for that Optional Module. In one of the courses you have to write a term paper. The individual courses for an Optional Module can be split between two terms. Two Optional Modules must be completed in order to get a master's degree.

Teaching Cooperation

Optional module courses are offered by the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology, by the Department of Sociology and by the Department of Human Geography.

The MA STS program is organized in cooperation with the Institute of Sociology and the Institute of Human Geography. The courses are all listed in the online course catalogue as part of the MA STS program.

When you are attending a seminar in one of the optional modules in sociology or in human geography, you must obtain a signed confirmation from the lecturer after successful completion. You can download the template for the confirmation from our Download page.

Please bring it to class at the end of the semester, and ask the lecturer to fill out the form and sign it. Hand in the filled in and signed confirmation to person the responsible for study administration issues at the institute. Please check our Consultation page for the person responsible. That person will pass on the information to the study and exam administration office.

Structure STS Program

All compulsory modules are offered by the the by the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology, that manages the master's program.

Module M1 "Theoretical Intersections"

M1 extends over the course of two semesters:

  • M1 extends over two semesters: M 1.1 Introduction to STS (1st semester, winter term) 
  • M 1.2 Epistemic Practices (1st semester, winter term) 
  • M 1.3 Global Economies (2nd semester, summer term)

We recommend to complete this module in the first two terms.

Modules M5 to M8 "Research Curriculum"

M5 to M8 consist of four one-semester modules, supporting and reflecting the process of writing your MA thesis. For best results, we suggest two courses per module and term.

Module M5 Indroduction to Research Methods consists of M 5.1 Ethnographic Encounters and M 5.2 Method Toolbox, during the first winter term (1st semester).

Module M6
Research Design consists of M 6.1 Research Design and M 6.2 Proposal Writing, during the first summer term (2nd semester).

M7 Fieldwork consitsts of  M7.1  Research Colloquium and M7.2 Recent Debates in STS, during the second winter term (3rd semster).

M8 Analysis and Writing consists of M8.1 Writing Lab and M8.2 Performing Research, during the second summer term (4th semester)

M9 Master Thesis