Chair in Qualitative Empirical Research Methods



Nov 25 2021

ProDem Progress Meeting

On November 19, we had the wonderful opportunity to host the first annual progress meeting of ProDem. We welcomed Dan Mercea and Felipe Gonzales Santos from London, Lorenzo Mosca, and Fred Paxton from Milan, Christina Neumayer and Matthias Hoffmann from Kopenhagen, Dana Trif, Diana Margarit and Toma Burean from Cluj, and, as guests, Daria Glukhova and Andrea Pirro from Florence. The international project sheds light on the triple interaction between citizens, social movements, and movement parties. These topics have undoubtably only gained significance over the past few years, with social movements all over Europe entering the political arena in one way or another.

After kicking off the meeting in jolly mood the evening before with a dinner, discovering specialities such as Grüne Soße and Mispelchen, the basis was laid for a very constructive collaboration the next day. Special thanks go to the PRIF staff (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt), who stepped in in the last moment to offer a venue in these challenging times. The ProDem team appreciated very much to meet in person, many seeing each other for the first time since the project had been initiated. Now, after this productive meeting, we are all looking forward to two more exiting years of fruitful cooperation and mutual synergy!

Our workshop team consisted of Anna Anlauft, László Boroffka, Lex Metzeld, Max Propadalo, Nils Sartorius and Claudius Wagemann.


Nov 16 2021

Happy Birthday!

Our whole team wishes Benedikt Bender (2nd from left) all the best for his birthday! Not everyone was able to be there in person, but despite all the circumstances, a small group gathered in our tea kitchen to toast the birthday boy with a glass of sparkling wine. A home-baked and extremely delicious birthday cake was also served!
Of course, everything was completely corona-compliant.


Nov 9 2021

​Photo shoot

Photo shoot

Just in time for the beginning of the winter semester 2021/22 we have new photos of all team members. We would like to thank the photographer Kristin Langholz for her great effort despite adverse weather conditions!


Semesterstart 2021/22

With three courses in the Bachelor's programme, three in the Master's programme, one in the Educational Sciences and a colloquium for the supervision of final theses, our chair is once again actively represented in academic teaching in winter semester 2021/22. This semester is very special for us instructors as well as for students, as for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, teaching in face-to-face form is possible again. 

Lex Metzeld, a student employee at the chair, is visiting the university ifor the first time in physical presence after two long semester of online teching: "I did not really feel like a student until now. Actually being surrounded by fellow students at the university cannot be compared with the purely content-based studies I have experienced online so far. Of course, you also have to get used to the new daily routine first, but above all, I'm looking forward to making new contacts, enjoying campus life and finally being able to discuss things with others in a present setting."

Laura Linz, a long-time student employee and tutor, is also looking forward to returning to the classroom: "I'm really looking forward to getting a taste of campus life again at the end of my studies! Even though we may be able to take away a thing or two from the past three semesters, studying just isn't the same without campus life. So I'm really looking forward to the upcoming semester with all the informal encounters and constructive exchanges in persona, both in the hallway and in my seminars."

We are looking forward to an exciting and informative time!


Oct 29 2021

Colloquium at Villa Vigoni

Colloquium at Villa Vigoni: German-Italian Relations after a Decade of European Crises

From 7 to 9 October, the colloquium "E la nave va? Perspectives on Germany, Italy and the European Union after a decade of crises" took place at Villa Vigoni on Lake Como. Our team was actively represented there. The doctoral students Nils Sartorius and Lukas Brenner presented research projects dealing with media representations of images of nations (Nils Sartorius) and of right-wing populist parties in the European Parliament (Lukas Brenner & Nils Sartorius). Mohamed Salhi, who is working on a doctoral thesis on discursive narratives of the radical right in times of crisis, discussed initial results of his work with a focus on Italy and Germany. The post-doctoral researchers Baastian Bruinsma and Benedikt Bender each chaired a panel on questions of the influence of the Covid pandemic on the behaviour of Germany and Italy in the EU (Bastiaan Bruinsma) and on differences in socio-economic attitudes of Europeans with a special focus on Germany and Italy (Benedikt Bender). The event was initiated by Simona Piattoni (University of Trento), Luca Verzichelli (University of Siena), Ton Notermans (Tallinn University of Technology) and Claudius Wagemann (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main). The international and interdisciplinary composition of the participants was also reflected in the research contributions and debates in an explicitly productive way. We were particularly pleased with the much-appreciated contributions of the student assistants Alexander Mathewes and Nikolaus Freimuth who travelled with us. For many of the participants, the conference was the first coming together after a long academic conference break. The wonderful ambience of Villa Vigoni made this 'reunion' in late summer temperatures a particularly pleasant experience, which provided us all with a lot of energy for the start of the semester. A presto, Villa Vigoni!