Guiding principle

We (the Hochschulsport) are a professional sports service facility with the primary focus on providing a diverse and needs based sports program of high quality to all members of the Goethe-University FfM.
Our services aim to offer easy access into various kind of sports and accommodate the multitude of interests, intentions, needs and preconditions which motivate people to practice or start anew regardless of their degree of expertise. We offer space and create opportunity for physical movement and social interaction.
The Hochschulsport represents diversity and fairness in sports and society. Every arrangement planned and realised by the Hochschulsport has to be reviewed and assessed in regard to the following aspects.

Education: The Hochschulsport represents a broad definition of the idea of education. We understand the educational process as a part of living in a constantly active interrelationship between the individual and the environment. Being part of the university environment, we want to provide students with additional space and opportunities for their participation in this interrelationship.

Diversity: The Hochschulsport represents an appreciative relationship with diversity, to support equality of opportunities and prevention of discrimination. The Hochschulsport considers itself obliged to follow the “Charta der Vielfalt / Charta of Diversity" and wants to enable all interested members of the Goethe-University FfM to participate.

Health: The Hochschulsport represents a broad and holistic understanding of health&fitness as diverse as our clients. We thereby reject normative and unilateral definitions of health, instead we aim to directly align ourselves with the needs of the students of the Goethe-University FfM.

Sustainability: The Hochschulsport aims to be exemplary in economical, ecological and social sustainability.
The Hochschulsport works as a team, we support each other and approach any problems or ambiguities directly. We work output-oriented and strive for mutual goals. We treat each other with respect and appreciate each others work.

In 12/2018 the employees of the Hochschulsport decided upon these guiding principles, adjusting them in 10/2019.

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