Criterion-Referenced Adaptive Testing in Higher Education (KAT-HS)

The project “KAT-HS” was embedded in the research program “Digital Teaching in University” of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The focus of the project was the development, implementation, and evaluation of a concept for the construction, administration, and scoring of a criterion-referenced computerized adaptive test in higher education. The project’s main objective was to overcome the shortcomings of the university exams currently used. In order to foster a broad application of the concept, software for computerized adaptive university exams and an online portal were developed.


Project assistants: Aron Fink and Patrick Naumann

Duration: February 2017 — January 2020

 For further information please visit the homepage of the project.


KAT-HS presented at

The project “Criterion-Referenced Adaptive Testing in Higher Education (KAT-HS)” is presented in the Special Issue “What constitutes successful learning with digital media” on (Link). In the podcast, Hanna Koehler explains how to make university exams more individualized, more precise, and fairer.