Further offers for our Alumni

Mentoring Connect - Goethe-University Frankfurt

Maybe you would like to get involved as a mentor?

Mentoring Hessen

  • ProCareer.MINT - Förderlinie von Mentoring Hessen für MINT-Studentinnen.
  • ProCareer.Doc - Förderlinien von Mentoring Hessen für Doktorandinnen und frühe Postdocs.
  • ProAcademia - Förderlinie von Mentoring Hessen für frühe Postdocs und fortgeschrittene Doktorandinnen mit dem Ziel einer wissenschaftlichen Karriere.

Matching Career MINT

The Career Service has developed a new recruiting format that brings graduates and companies together in limited one-on-one meetings.

Workshops and Lectures

Career service offers for students of the natural sciences at Riedberg.


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