Information for Outgoings

International Office - Going Abroad (Outgoings)

Study, work or teach with ERASMUS+

ERASMUS is the European Commission's exchange program that enables students in 33 European countries to study, work or teach for part of their degree in another country. ERASMUS is a great opportunity to study in another European country between 3 and 12 months, and have it count towards your degree.

Exchange programmes worldwide

The advantages of studying abroad at a partner university include tuition fee waivers, often a guaranteed place in a dormitory and usually facilitated recognition of grades received at the host institution.

Studying abroad as a freemover

Every student may apply at a university of his or her choice irrespective of wishing to study there for a semester or seeking a full degree. This may be the way to do it if the exchange programs of the home university do not provide what you are looking for or you have not been admitted. 

DAAD, Fulbright and further possibilities of funding

Students who plan a study abroad period, regardless if within an existing exchange programm or as a freemover, may apply for financial support with other agencies or organizations. Be aware that application periods may end up to 14 months prior to the start date of the mobility. So please do your research early.