Internships Abroad

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In our modern globalized world, an internship abroad represents an important opportunity to gain valuable international work experience. Furthermore, it may help you to create an international network and give you a unique insight into another corporate culture. Last but not least, an internship abroad allows you to improve your language skills and to grow personally.

However, internships abroad demand organizational efforts. The following web pages and links are to provide first orientation about:

Furthermore, you will find information on:

By the way, the Erasmus+ Scholarship also supports internships abroad.

Office Hours for Internships Abroad at Goethe University

Please note: due to the Corona virus, our office hours are suspended until further ado. Please contact us per E-Mail or phone if you have any questions.

Office hours:

When? Monday-Friday via E-mail or telephone
Where? International Office, PEG 2nd Floor, Campus Westend (Room 2G.189)

Phone number: 069 798 17195