Umbau Router 26.06.2024 ab 20 Uhr


Die zentralen Router müssen nach über 10 Jahren Betrieb durch aktuelle Hardware ersetzt werden, als drittes am Campus Westend.
Die Umbauarbeiten finden am Mittwoch, 26.06.2024, ab 20 Uhr statt. Die Telefonie wird universitätsweit beeinträchtigt sein. Gegebenenfalls sind Ausfälle durch Nacharbeiten
am Donnerstag 26.06.2024, ab 20 Uhr möglich.

siehe auch: https://tinygu.de/campusnetz-router-umbau

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After more than 10 years of operation, the central routers have to be replaced with current hardware, the third one is on the Westend Campus.
The exchange will take place on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, from 8 p.m. Telephony will be affected across the university. If necessary, failures are due to additional work on Thursday June 27th, 2024, possible from 8 p.m.



Biopool-IT coordinates all computer systems in the university network so that they can communicate.

The individual working groups have contact persons who are supervised by Biopool-IT.

In case of problems in the network we advise and assist and communicate if necessary also with the HRZ.

Groupware - Open-Xchange

The department uses Open-Xchange, based on the mail system of the university:

- Mail
- Calendar*
- Contacts
- Tasks*
The site can only be used by registered employees.

Access to all elements via:

- Web interface
- Outlook
- smartphone
- Thunderbird (restricted)
For use and questions about the group function, please contact us here on the left side.

(*also with group function)

File server

A secure file server is available to the departments of our faculty.

Network drives can be set up for persons and groups, supervised by Biopool-IT.

This server is not intended for a system backup - contact Biopool-IT for solutions.


Security always plays a role in IT. If you have any questions regarding the following topics, please contact us via the link on the left.

  • secure e-mail traffic (encryption, authenticity, etc.)
  • firewall in the department network
  • save files
  • data backup
VPN-BIO welcome.cgi

VPN connection for the faculty

In order to establish a secure connection to special services of departments, institutes or work groups, there is the department internal VPN.

If you have an application that you want to reach from outside the department, you have to register. Log in to the Biopool-IT.

Websites of the Bioscience faculty

The pages of our faculty are maintained by Biopool-IT.

The pages of the departments are usually updated by the respective departments.

If you have any questions regarding processing, updating, etc., please contact Biopool-IT.

For the contents of departmental pages, please contact the relevant departments.

Server & Monitoring

We use monitoring to ensure that our services are as uninterrupted as possible.

This can also be used for own services in the working groups.

Ask Biopool-IT what possibilities there are.

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