Institutes of the Faculty of Social Sciences

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Institute of Sociology

The Institute of Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt numbers amongst the most important worldwide and is today also the second largestof its kind in Germany. Sociology was established in Frankfurt in 1919 and has been renowned worldwide since the 1920s thanks to the “Frankfurt School”.

The Institute of Sociology networks with other intramural and extramural players. It works closely the Sigmund Freud Institute, the Institute for Social Research, the Cornelia Goethe Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, the Institute for Economics, Work, and Culture, and the Institute for Social-Ecological Research.

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Institute of Political Science

The Institute of Political Science at Goethe University Frankfurt is the largest of its kind in Germany. It is characterized by a combination of academic pluralism and excellence in research which is unique in Germany. Of particular importance are the institute’s cooperation with the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) (HSFK – Hessische Stiftung für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung) and its participation in the “Normative Orders” Cluster of Excellence. In teaching, the institute offers a varied and differentiated syllabus with a strong research focus in all sub-areas of the discipline. Joint Masters programmes in Political Theory and Peace and Conflict Research are run in cooperation with TU Darmstadt (Technical University of Darmstadt).

People at the Institutes

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Institute of Political Science