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We are a small institute with a big subject area

The Frankfurt Institute for Scandinavian Studies dedicates its research to the literature and culture of the North from the Middle Ages to present times. The main focus of the institute research and scholarship is, at present, the Edda, as well as the reception legacy of Old Norse literature (commentary on the Edda, reception of the Edda, reception of the Scandinavian Middle Ages in the early modern period and romantic period). Another focus area of research is cultural studies grounded in critical perspectives, on Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish literature from the 19th century to present times. Particular attention in this is given to hunger and scarcity in Scandinavia. In addition to the philological and literary focus areas of study, the institute also emphasizes themes of linguistics, art history, and history of ideas in Scandinavia. The institute also cooperates with research institutes as well as scholars within Germany and abroad.

The wide range of topics included in the spectrum of research is reflected in the teaching. It is intended to impart knowledge on philological, literary, cultural, and linguistic topics ranging from Old Norse through to modern literature and culture of Scandinavia. Languages learned in the Bachelor’s degree in Scandinavian Studies are essential to this. Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish are all taught by native speakers. The language offer of the department is further enhanced by Icelandic language courses. The institute is also involved in the Bachelor’s course Empirical linguistics. Since 2013, the Institute for Scandinavian Studies has been offering a research-oriented Master’s programme that offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in their area of scholarly interest and perfect their knowledge of their chosen language. Translation seminars, guest lectures, conferences, workshops, readings by authors, and excursions round out the learning experience. Through all this, students will also engage intensively with scholars and researchers both of their own subjects and of others.

Our institute is distinguished not least through its active student union group and highly engaged students, as well as its personable atmosphere.

Scandinavian Studies in Frankfurt

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Prospective students

At Goethe University Frankfurt, you can take Scandinavian Studies as either your major or minor for your Bachelor’s degree, or for a Master’s degree. You can also take the course ‘Empirical Linguistics‘ with Scandinavian languages as the focal point, which is offered by the institute of Scandinavian Studies.

The Frankfurt Institute of Scandinavian Studies has a particular focus on the core subject areas of philology and literary studies. We put special emphasis on teaching language skills and knowledge of the languages that constitute a large part of the course. The academic programme comprises the literature and culture of the North from early civilisation to present times. The course will also educate students in methods and theories of the study of literature, culture, and linguistics, and will provide students with many opportunities to deepen their understanding by studying examples from literature as well as cultural artefacts.