Welcome to the University Sports Centre

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The University Sports Centre is a central institution of Goethe University Frankfurt and offers a wide range of courses, excursions and tournaments for students and staff.

We regard ourselves in the first instance as providers of a grassroots sports programme which makes it possible to try out different ones and helps to establish a healthy work-life balance. We strive continuously to improve our portfolio and its contents and endeavour to attract suitably qualified course instructors whenever a new trend emerges. Alongside grassroots sport, competitive sport – as a key source of motivation - also takes place at a wide variety of levels.

University sports present a special opportunity for intercultural exchange and in this context make a major contribution to the open and integrative culture that prevails at our University. We also want to support the healthy wellbeing of all our University’s members and encourage them to keep fit their whole life long.

                                                                                    Sports Programme

Pausenexpress in Summersemester 2020

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