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Funding for studies, research and language courses abroad

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PROMOS is a scholarship program established by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It provides German universities with funds to finance short stays abroad in order to enhance the mobility of students.

PROMOS promotes the mobility of students by granting stays abroad for up to six months. Students of Goethe University can apply directly at the International Office via the online application platform. All students who are enroled at Goethe-University as fulltime-students may apply for PROMOS - including international students.

All documents can be submitted in English or German.

PROMOS awards scholarships for the following activities:

  • Study abroad periods (1 to 4 months; only students can apply)
  • Research stays (1 to 4 months; only students can apply)
  • Internships abroad (6 weeks to 6 months; only students can apply)
  • Language courses (3 weeks to 6 months; students and doctoral students can apply)
  • Winter/Summer Schools (2 to 6 weeks; students and doctoral students can apply)
  • Study trips (max. of 12 days; min. 5 - max. 20 participants; applications only by the professor or academic personnel supervising the trip) 

Application Deadlines for 2021

The application period for stays abroad starting between July and December 2021 ends on May 14th, 2021

Please apply online via our application platform.

Application Procedure and Details

You can only apply for PROMOS if funding via Erasmus+ or another specific DAAD program (e.g. for teachers) cannot be granted. If you are taking part at Erasmus+ exchange or you are interning in of the Erasmus+ member countries, you cannot be supported by PROMOS (but by Erasmus+ scholarships).  

For study abroad periods, research, internships and language courses, you will need to hand in the following documents for your application:

  • Application Form (signed)

Once you start your online application, you are asked to complete an application form that you have to print, sign and re-upload on our platform.

  • Letter of Recommendation

You will have to ask one of your professors or a member of the academic personnel to issue you a letter of recommendation. We uploaded a template, which your professor is supposed to use. Your professor will send the letter directly to us in the International Office. Please make sure to request the letter in time, as it always takes some time for professors to complete the letter.

  • Confirmation of Enrolment

You can download your confirmation of enrolment via the QIS-system of Goethe University.

  • CV

Hand in your curriculum vitae, max. 2 pages.

  • Extracurricular Activities

Fill out and hand in the template on extracurricular activities (see downloads).

  • Letter of Motivation

Apart from your grades, your letter of motivation is crucial for the selection procedure. Please hand in 1-2 pages continuing text focussing on your academic and personal qualifications, the academic purpose of your stay abroad, your future academic and/or career plans and how these intertwine with your stay abroad, etc.

  • Transcript

If possible, download your current transcript via the QIS-system. You can also use our template and fill in all the courses you visited so far. You will need to have this template checked and signed by the International Office before you upload it.

  • Language Certificate

In general, you will need a language certificate for the working language at your host institution. If you apply for a study abroad, you will have to issue a language certificate for the taught language of your courses. If you apply for an internship, you will have to hand in a certificate for the working language in your host company/institution.

There is a possibility to complete a free language certificate issued by Goethe University, the so-called Language Proficiency Certificate (see contact information here). You can also complete one of the many language certificates using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Your language certificate may not be older than two years.

If you are part of a bilingual or English-speaking degree program, you may use the language certificate you used to apply for this degree program (even if it is older than two years).

If you take part in a language course abroad, you will only need to provide an A1-certificate showing that you already started to learn the respective language.  

  • Confirmation by your host/guest institution

If you are selected for a study abroad, your coordinator for exchange at your faculty at Goethe University can issue you a confirmation of your nomination. You can hand in this confirmation or the original confirmation by your host university.

If you are going to do an internship, please submit a confirmation by your host employer.

If you are going to do a language course, please submit your confirmation by the host university/institution.

Contact and Advisory Hours

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us or use our office hours (Mondays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.).                                                                                                 

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