Promotionsbüro der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Fachbereiche

Important messages

  • Please note library reference D30 on the title page and doctoral degree (Dr.rer.nat. or Dr. phil.nat.)When applying for acceptance as a doctoral researcher, please also submit your diploma or Master’s certificate (§ 3 and § 4 Paragraph 4 of the Doctoral Regulations).
  • You can find the application forms for acceptance as doctoral researcher on the website of the respective faculty.
  • Please state your date and place of birth on your CV in your dissertation. These are required for your degree certificate.
  • Important: Please note that the library reference for dissertations is D30.
  • When submitting your deposit copies to the University Library, please consult its website. When handing in your CD-ROMs to the University Library, each CD should please be inserted in a separate plastic sleeve and labelled (in the same way as the title page of your dissertation). Please note library reference D30 on the title page and doctoral degree (Dr.rer.nat. or Dr. phil.nat.)
  • Certificates are issued at the Doctoral Studies Office once the University Library has confirmed receipt of the deposit copies etc.
  • Faculties 5, 11, 12 , 14 and 15 now only confer the Dr. rer. nat. degree. Faculty 13 continue to confer the Dr. phil. nat. degree.
  • Please also take note of the separate instruction sheets issued by the individual faculties.

Please notice

After you have submitted your dissertation to the Doctoral Studies Office (needed number of copies look at infosheet, but please make sure to give each of your reviewers a personal copy), the Dean will ask your examiners to deliver their reports. In accordance with the Doctoral Regulations, the examiners have one month to do so. However, it is also often the case that this takes a little longer. The Doctoral Studies Office sends out a reminder at the earliest after 6 weeks, since it is generally considered impolite to do so earlier. Once the examiners’ reports have arrived at the Doctoral Studies Office, they are circulated in the faculty, i.e. each professor looks at your dissertation and the examiners’ reports. Once all the circulated copies have been returned to the Doctoral Studies Office and provided that no objections have been raised, the Doctoral Studies Office will notify you so that you can arrange a time and date for your viva voce.