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What actually is Work & Organizational Psychology?

Industrial & Organizational Psychology is dealing with psychological questions regarding the world of work. In the masters’ programme it’s one of the applied subjects…read more

Presentations, essays & Co.

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Literature needed?

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Current service and research projects

Stress and hazard analysis

In order to recognize the potential threats of several workplaces and to determine which health and safety measures are needed, conducting a stress and hazard analysis can be beneficial for organizations. If you are planning such an analysis and need support, click here for more information and contact us.


The ambivalence of stress criteria

Empirical studies are consistently facing the result that different stressors at work do not exclusively lead to health impairments. Regarding time pressure at work there is substantial evidence that it may have also positive effects on our well-being. Ambivalent findings like this can hardly be explained by established stress theories. In our department we use “new stressor concepts” to identify the specific conditions which enable stress criteria to have positive outcomes.