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Customer satisfaction is the most important goal in your company but what about the satisfaction of your employees? Which psychological mechanisms explain why continuous contact with customers can cause diseases? Which strategies do employees use to make each other sick (“bullying”)?

Your staff is complaining about permanent “stress”, the occurrence of psychosomatic diseases is increasing. Which countermeasures should be taken?

How to prevent conflicts at workplace from escalating?

During their work routine, your employees face traumatic experiences like e.g. fatal accidents – what can be done to help them to handle this?

For questions like these, we offer you our customized scientific expertise: analyses located in your company, customer surveys, speeches, workshops, counseling.

The long-standing main research of our department focusses on stress and health at work. Besides the strains which are caused by the work itself, we consider the social relations at the workplace as a very important factor for the health of employees. Especially those are one of the focal points of our work.

The offer of service, which Professor Zapf and his staff provide, is based on recent research results. Particularly, they contain the following subject areas:

Within a research collaboration we currently offer especially the realization of a stress and hazard analysis as well as counsel regarding bullying.

If you are interested in a cooperation and willing to join a current research project with your organization, then feel free to send us an e-mail. We will be pleased to call you back!