Course of Study

The law studies are subdivided into compulsory subjects (1.-5. Semester) and a specialisation subject (6.-8. Semester). The course of study will be completed by state examination (Erste juristische Prüfung) consisting of the first state examination (70 %) and the university exam (30 %).

Compulsory Study

The first five semesters are mainly about passing the intermediate examination and the so called Anfänger- und Fortgeschrittenenscheine and Grundlagenschein.

Specialisation Study

The specialisation study provides a supplementing and strengthening of compulsory studies in six areas:

  1. Internationalisation and Europeanisation of Law
  2. Law and Finance
  3. Foundation of Law
  4. Constitution, Public Administration, Regulation
  5. Work, Social Issues, Social Affairs and Life
  6. Criminal Justice

Key Qualification

Furthermore there are two assessments in the range of key qualifications consisting of a successful attendance in a foreign language lecture and the attendance in a key qualification event which focuses on the law practice. You can find further information here.


During the non-lecture period a one month court internship and two internships each one month have to be completed in a freely selectable field of work. Further information can be found at the homepage of the Justizprüfungsamt Hessen.