Kristina Lindemann, Ph.D.

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Research Fellow

Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main
Department Social Sciences
Institute for Sociology

Campus Westend - PEG Gebäude
Hauspostfach 15
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Office: PEG 1.G063
Tel: (069) 798-36712
E-Mail: lindemann[at]

Researcher for the Project CORRODE



Kristina Lindemann is a postdoctoral researcher at the CORRODE project at Goethe University Frankfurt. Her research interests include social stratification, intergenerational mobility, educational inequality, social integration and comparative quantitative analysis. Her current work focuses on the role of parental unemployment on educational attainment of children, the extent of educational inequalities in different societal contexts and integration of migrants. She has also done research on labour market entry, ethnic inequalities in education and labour market and perceptions of stratification. Kristina has a PhD degree in sociology from Tallinn University. She has been a visiting fellow at the MZES in Mannheim and at the BIGSSS in Bremen. She has published her research in journals such as European Sociological ReviewEthnic and Racial Studies and Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

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Publications and Presentations

Papers in peer-reviewed academic journals

  • 2019 How Labor-Market Integration Affects Perceptions of Discrimination: School-to-Apprenticeship Transitions of Youth with Migration Background in Germany. International Migration Review,
  • 2019 The Intergenerational Effects of Unemployment: How Parental Unemployment Affects Educational Transitions in Germany. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, (with Markus Gangl)
  • 2019 Parental Unemployment and the Transition to Vocational Training in Germany: Interaction of Household and Regional Sources of Disadvantage. European Sociological Review, 35(5), 684–700, Markus Gangl)
  • 2016 Trapped in ‘Involuntary’ Work in the Late Career? Retirement Expectations versus the ‘Desire to Retire’ in Estonia. Studies of Transition States and Societies, 8(3), 60–77. (with Marge Unt)
  • 2014 The Effects of Ethnicity, Language Skills, and Spatial Segregation on Labour Market Entry Success in Estonia. European Sociological Review, 30 (1), 35–48.
  • 2014 Contextual Effects on Subjective Social Position: Evidence from European Countries. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 55(2), 3–23. (with Ellu Saar)
  • 2013 The Role of Language Resources in Labour Market Entry: Comparing Estonia and Ukraine. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 39 (1), 105–123. (with Irena Kogan)
  • 2012 Ethnic Inequalities in Education: Second Generation Russians in Estonia. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 35 (11), 1974–1998. (with Ellu Saar)
  • 2007 The Impact of Objective Characteristics on Subjective Social Position. Trames: Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1, 54–68.


  • 2013 Structural Integration of Young Russian-speakers in Post-Soviet Contexts: Educational Attainment and Transition to the Labour Market. Tallinn: Tallinn University Dissertations in Social Sciences.

Book chapters (selected)

  • 2017 Self-placement of the Unemployed in the Social Hierarchy. In: Edlund, J., Bechert, I., Quandt, M. (eds). Social Inequality in the Eyes of the Public: A Collection of Analysis Based on ISSP Data 1987-2009. Cologne: GESIS, pp. 119-136. (with Ellu Saar and Jelena Helemäe)
  • 2015 The Role of Social Status in Shaping Student Performance. In: Saar, E. (Ed.). Estonian Human Development Report 2014/2015. Tallinn: SA Eesti Koostöö Kogu, pp. 71–77.
  • 2013 The School Performance of Russian-speaking Minority in Linguistically Divided Educational Systems: A Comparison of Estonia and Latvia. In: Windzio, M. (Ed.). Integration and Inequality in Educational Institutions. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 45–69.
  • 2013 From Bust to Boom and Back Again: Social Positions of Graduates during Last Decade in Estonia. In: Mõttus, R. and Saar, E. (Eds.). Higher Education in the Crossroad: The Case of Estonia. Bern: Peter Lang Publishers House, pp. 307–341. (with Marge Unt)
  • 2013 Education and Skills as Measures of Life Quality. In: Saar, E. (Ed). Social Trends 6. Tallinn: Statistics Estonia, pp. 60–79.
  • 2011 The Labour Market Success of Ethnic Groups: the Reality and Perceived Perspectives. In: Saar, E. (Ed.). Towards a normal stratification order. Actual and Perceived Social Stratification in Post-Socialist Estonia. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Publishers House, pp. 283–307.
  • 2011 Ethnic Inequalities in the Educational Career. In: Vetik, R. and Helemäe, J. (Eds.). The Russian Second Generation in Tallinn and Kohtla-Järve: The TIES Study in Estonia. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam, pp. 59–92. (with Ellu Saar)
  • 2011 Explaining Different Returns from Human Capital in Labour Market. In: Vetik, R. and Helemäe, J. (Eds.). The Russian Second Generation in Tallinn and Kohtla-Järve: The TIES Study in Estonia. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam, pp. 93 –118.
  • 2008 Estonia. In: Kogan, I., Gebel, M. and Noelke, C. (Eds.). Europe enlarged: a handbook of education, labour and welfare regimes in Central and Eastern Europe. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 151–181. (with Ellu Saar)

Presentations at international conferences

  • 10/2018 “How did the Great Recession affect entry into tertiary education and for whom? Evidence from 22 countries”, ECSR Conference in Paris (Sciences Po). (with M. Gangl)
  • 09/2018 “The role of family dynamics in affecting transition to tertiary education”, Transitions in Youth 26th Annual Workshop in Mannheim (MZES)
  • 09/2017 “Transition Process into Tertiary Education: The Role of Parental Unemployment in Germany”, Transitions in Youth 25th Annual Workshop in Brussels (KU Leuven). (with M. Gangl)
  • 08/2017 “The Role of Parental Unemployment in the Transition to Tertiary Education in Germany”, ISA RC28 Summer Meeting in New York (Columbia University). (with M. Gangl)
  • 03/2017 “Perceived Ethnic Discrimination in the Transition from School to Work in Germany”, ISA RC28 Spring Meeting in Cologne (University of Cologne).
  • 09/2016 “Equal Access for All in Hard Times: Can Institutions Moderate the Adverse Effect of Parental Unemployment on Transitions into Tertiary Education?”, ECSR Conference in Oxford (University of Oxford). (with M. Gangl)
  • 08/2016 “Equal Access for All in Hard Times: Can Institutions Moderate the Adverse Effect of Parental Unemployment on Transitions into Tertiary Education?”, ISA RC28 Summer Meeting in Bern (University of Bern). (with M. Gangl)
  • 07/2016 “Unemployment and Transitions to Vocational Training in Germany: The Role of Parental and Regional Effects”, 1st NEPS User Conference in Bamberg (LIfBi). (with M. Gangl)
  • 09/2015 “Unemployment and transitions to vocational training in Germany: the role of parental, peer-group and aggregate-level effects”, ECSR Conference in Tallinn (Tallinn University). (with M. Gangl)
  • 08/2014 “The Effects of Macro-Societal Configurations on the Timing of Involuntary and Voluntary Early Retirement in Enlarged Europe”, GDN/CERGE-EI Regional Research Competition Workshop in Prague. (with M. Unt and K. Täht)
  • 05/2014 “Desire to retire versus 'involuntary' work in late career?” Expectations and preferences in Estonia. Equalsoc Workshop in Mannheim (MZES). (with M. Unt)
  • 09/2013 “Expansion of tertiary education & economic crisis: How does it affect returns to education?”  Transitions in Youth 2013 conference in Berlin (WZB).  (with M. Unt and E. Saar)
  • 09/2012 "Subjective social status in European countries: individual- and national-level factors”, ECSR/ EQUALSOC Conference in Stockholm (Stockholm University). (with E. Saar)
  • 07/2012 “Educational Achievement in Linguistically Divided Schools: Comparison of Estonia and Latvia”, 6th EducEight International Conference on Ethnicity and Education: Old Issues, New Insights in Newcastle upon Tyne (Northumbria University).
  • 12/2011 “The Changing Influence of Language and Ethnicity on the Labour Market Entry: Young Russian-speakers in Estonia”, ECSR Conference in Dublin (University College Dublin).
  • 05/2011 “Ethnic-specific Mid-Career Job Mobility in Estonia”, TransEurope conference in Sofia. (with J. Helemäe and E. Saar)
  • 10/2010 “The School Achievement of Second Generation Immigrants in Segmented Educational Systems: The Comparison of Estonia and Latvia”, ECSR/QMSS2/TransEurope conference in Bamberg.
  • 05/2010 “The Role of Language Resources for the Labour Market Entry: Comparing Estonia and Ukraine”, ISA RC28 spring conference in Haifa (Haifa University). (with I. Kogan)
  • 12/2009 “The Impact of Country-specific Human Capital on Labour Market Opportunities of Ethnic Minority Group in Estonia: Comparison of Public and Private Sectors”, ECSR conference in Paris (Sciences Po). (with E. Saar)
  • 08/2009 “Explaining Ethnic Inequalities in the Educational Career of Second Generation Immigrants in Estonia”, ISA RC28 summer conference in New Haven (Yale University). (with E. Saar)
  • 06/2009 “Educational Careers of Estonians and Russians”, Equalsoc EDUC group conference in Tallinn. (with E. Saar)
  • 05/2008 “Non-Estonians in Estonian Labour Market: Equal opportunities?” (poster), ISA RC28 summer conference in Florence (European University Institute).
  • 05/2007 “Transition from School to Work in Estonia: Estonian and Non-Estonian School Leavers' Opportunities in the Labour Market”, ISA RC28 spring conference in Brno.

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