Welcome at the Centre for Interdisciplinary African Studies!

The Centre for Interdisciplinary African Studies (ZIAF) brings together scholars and scientists from seven faculties of Goethe University Frankfurt, as well as the Senckenberg Research Institute, the Institute for Social-Ecological Research, and the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. The Centre’s mission is to link all Africa-oriented activities at Goethe University and create a network of competence. Our goals are:

  • Promotion of interdisciplinarity in Africa-oriented research activities
  • Initiation of innovative interdisciplinarity research areas and new research projects
  • Supporting young interdisciplinary North-South researchers
  • Promotion of cooperation with African partners
  • Creation of networks for national and international institutions from various different fields such as research, economy, co-operative development work, and culture
  • Public relations for a modern image of African realities

Click here for a list of current research activities in various African countries.