Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Sutterlüty

Thesis Bachelor and Master of Arts

Preference will be given to BA or MA theses on the following topics:

  • Family, childhood and youth sociology
  • Sociology of violence and crime
  • Critical theory and Frankfurt school researh
  • Social theory
  • Qualitative methods of empirical social research

As a matter of principle, the prerequisite for acceptance of a thesis is basically the submission of a proposal.
Subsequently, an appointment with Prof. Sutterlüty can be arranged via Angelika Boese.

Exams "Bildungswissenschaften/Lehramt"

Standard Topics:

  1. Sociology of youth violence
  2. Classics in criminal sociology
  3. Domestic violence
  4. Sociology of the family
  5. Sociology of childhood
  6. Social exclusion
  7. Religion in secular society

Other topics for the oral or written exam can also be accepted by appointment.

For any Staatsexamen's exam requests, please contact Angelika Boese.
Please note: Including autumn 2024, there are no exam seats available.

Further Information:
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