Sociology with a focus on Family and Youth Sociology



Our research focusses on theoretically and empirically informed analyses of characteristics and change processes in the fields of contemporary childhood, youth and family life. We have made it our task to explore the inherent dynamics of familial interaction as well as its interplay with other social spheres, such as law and economy. In doing so, processes of socialization within and outside the family are being studied with regard to their relevance for both personal individuation and societal reproduction. Our research and teaching is rooted in the tradition of critical theory and is also based on reconstructive paradigms of social research.

As a team, we claim specific expertise in the following areas.

■  Normative orders of family and socialization
■  Child welfare principles and their legal institutionalizations
■  Domestic violence and theories of violence in general
■  Youth violence, crime and protest
■  Work and private relationships, friendship in particular
■ Therapeutic cultures and the private sphere
■  Participatory and democratic cultures of schooling

For our additional areas of research, including interethnic conflicts in prehistoric societies as well as social roles of religion, and our participation in interdisciplinary research projects, please see RESEARCH and TEAM.