MSc MBS - Master Molecular Biosciences

The Master's degree course in Molecular Biosciences is offered at the Faculty of Biosciences at Goethe University, Frankfurt. The course starts each winter semester. The Master's program is taught exclusively in English. Applications from national and international students are welcome.

The M.Sc. Molecular Biosciences is research-oriented,

  • provides in-depth training in fundamental molecular issues in genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, cell biology and biotechnology.
  • includes intensive training in various methodological and conceptual areas of the aforementioned fields.
  • studies fundamental molecular questions using unicellular organisms (archaea, bacteria, yeasts, algae) and plants.

The qualification objectives and the acquisition of skills in the Msc Molecular Biosciences are explained in the introductory part of the study regulations, the description of the individual course contents of the modules can be found in the in the module handbook (see box at the top right).

Structure of the program

During the second semester elective modules provide a specialisation.

First half

Second half

Further specialisation is offered during lab practicals in the first half of the third semester.

If you are more interested in cell biology, animal systems and animal cell culture techniques, we recommend the webpage of the Master in Physical Biology of Cells and Cell Interactions. Molecular biological methods for questions of phylogeny (e.g. for building phylogenetic trees) are taught in the Master of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health. The Master in Molecular Medicine offers training for those interested in molecular human biology and medicine. The Master in Drug Research is also research-oriented and focuses, among other things, on the molecular biological aspects of drug development. The Master Interdisciplinary Neuroscience bridges the gap between cell biology, neurobiology and clinical application.

FB 15 - Biological Sciences

Program Coordinator
Dr. Markus Fauth
Biocentre, Campus Riedberg
Building N210, Room 2.07
Max-von-Laue-Str. 9
60438 Frankfurt am Main

T +49 69 798-29603

Program Director
Prof. Dr. Claudia Büchel
Biocentre, Campus Riedberg
Building N210, Raum 2.07
Max-von-Laue-Str. 9
60438 Frankfurt am Main