General Information

Prof. Wolf can supervise final exams for Bachelor and Master students, Diplom and Magister students, and students who are looking for a teaching degree. The available places for the academic year 2018/2019 are listed below.

The numbers are currently being updated. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Dr. Wolf directly.

Bachelor- and Masterthesis

Supervising in: 
7 B.A.-Thesis.
3 M.A.-Thesis.

Diplom, Magister, Staatsexamen and oral exams

11 Diplom-, Magister- und Staatsexamensarbeiten

Teaching degree exams

20 Exams.

Final Thesis

In your thesis you have to answer a question clearly. It is very important, that you are able to answer this question in the given time. You have to show, that you can work independent and scientifical and that you can use what you have learned in university.

If you want Prof. Wolf or one of his staff members as your supervisior, you have to take part at his "Kolloqium" (this will be held in German) regularly. There you can discuss your work with other students in the group.

Book recommendations

The following books are very helpful for making your research:

  • Steven Van Evera, Guide to methods for students of political science, Ithaca 1997.
  • Alexander George/Andrew Bennett, Case studies and theory development in the social sciences, Cambridge 2005.
  • Lene Hansen, Security as Practice: Discourse Analysis and the Bosnian War, London und New York, NY 2006.

Downloads Exposevorlage
Qualitativer Theorietest anhand historischer Prozesse

Some Information about writing a term paper

Term papers have to be handed in the first week of the following semester. You have to find a question for you term paper independently but for help in this case you can visit Prof. Wolf during his office hours.

Please be realistic in planning your term paper. It happens very often that students get sick, or there is a good job opportunity or a short trip with your friends to some city. Take enough time at the end to read your paper, you will find a few mistakes, I promise. Sometimes it is better to have a friend reading your paper, because he/she can tell you where you should be more detailed in your argumentation and so on.

Here you can find some help for your academic term papers (in German): Prof. Tanja Brühl und Prof. Gunther Hellmann verweisen.