NTNU Exchange

Student Exchange between Faculty 09 and College of Liberal Arts at National Taiwan Normal University

Students enrolled at Faculty 09 of Goethe University are eligible to apply for scholarships within the student exchange programme of Faculty 09 with the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in Taipei. Founded in 1946, NTNU ranks among the most prestigious universities in Taiwan. Nominated students will study at one of the following departments for one semester or one year, respectively: Chinese; English; Geography; History; Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature; Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation; Graduate Institute of Taiwan History. A list of courses is available from NTNU’s web page.

The scholarship covers the tuition fees for courses offered by CLA and some additional courses offered by other colleges and within NTNU’s “Global Culture Programme” as well as six hours of language courses (Mandarin) per week. Students can also attend additional fee-based language courses at NTNU’s Mandarin Training Centre.

Students have to bear all other costs (such as health insurance, travel expenses, accommodation, etc.) themselves. They can apply for dormitory accommodation although dormitory accommodation is not guaranteed. For students studying in Taiwan for more than six months, taking out insurance with National Health Insurance of Taiwan is mandatory.

Approximate semester dates:

  • winter semester: September to December
  • summer semester: February to June

Up to a maximum of eight semester slots are available per academic year. Nominated students can apply for additional funding such as PROMOS, Auslandsbafög, educational loans, or scholarships by other funding bodies.

You can download the current scholarship announcement from this link. Application deadline: 1 February.
More information (including course recognition regulations for students majoring in Sinology) are available to enrolled students on OLAT.
Information for nominated students is available from the web page of NTNU’s College of Liberal Arts.
Students can also apply for Goethe University’s direct exchange with NTNU and with National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) in Kaohsiung.

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