Mideast Conflict: Information on counseling and support services as well as related guidelines

This website is directed at all Goethe University Frankfurt members, prospective students and guests affected by the Middle East conflict and its consequences.

The October 7 terrorist attacks on Israel have left us deeply shocked. Goethe University Frankfurt strongly condemns all forms of terrorism and inhumane acts of violence. Our thoughts are with the people on the ground, and we stand with all those affected, among them colleagues, friends and members of our long-standing partner institutions. 

There are also people here at Goethe University, who – due to their background, family ties or friendships – are directly and painfully affected by current developments, the consequences of which remain unforeseeable. Worried about family members, friends and acquaintances, they are particularly burdened by the news and images, and find themselves in a state of emotional emergency. We would like to extend our deepest sympathy and support for these individuals. 

Anti-Semitism and/or other forms of discrimination or racism have no place in and will not be tolerated at Goethe University Frankfurt. Different perceptions, experiences and narratives can and must be discussed and negotiated in a spirit of mutual respect. We also ask that you report any type of anti-Semitic incident within the university context, which will allow us to initiate the appropriate measures: praesident@uni-frankfurt.de

Information on our counseling and support services 

If you experience or observe discrimination within the university context, you can make use of the confidential counseling services offered by Goethe University's Anti-Discrimination Office, which also provides advice on how to report the matter to the police if necessary. 

The Anti-Discrimination Office offers confidential advice and support to students, staff and other members of the university who experience or observe discrimination in the university setting. 

The university also offers various points of contact providing psychosocial support and advice to university members who find themselves in particularly difficult situations.

Counseling services in Frankfurt that specialize in anti-Semitism and racism 

  • Have you witnessed or been personally affected by an anti-Semitic incident? If so, you can also contact the Office on Research and Information on Antisemitism in Hessen (RIAS Hessen).


  • OFEK Hessen is the regional branch of OFEK e.V. in the federal state of Hesse. With its own office in Frankfurt, a hotline, and consultation upon request, OFEK Hessen provides targeted support for local experiences with anti-Semitism.

    Homepage (in German)

  • Anyone affected by right-wing, racist, and anti-Semitic violence, including their supporters or witnesses to such attacks, have several options of getting into contact with response.

    Homepage (in German)

  • ADiBe advises and supports people throughout Hesse who have experienced discrimination. Its services are free, confidential, accessible, available in various languages, and it can be contacted anonymously upon request.


Goethe University Statements 

Goethe University Frankfurt's mission statement reads: “Obligated by its eventful history, the University […] opposes racism, nationalism and anti-Semitism." Anti-Semitism has no place in and will not be tolerated at our university, just as we do not tolerate racism and/or generalizing attributions towards Muslim university members.

In its Anti-Discrimination Directive (in German), Goethe University voluntarily commits itself to resolutely rejecting any form of discrimination and to promoting trustful, appreciative and respectful interactions. In the current situation, everyone is called upon to and responsible for implementing this voluntary commitment and actively rejecting any type of discrimination and / or sweeping generalizations.