OSAs for Enrollment

Which programs require a certificate?

For enrollment in the programs listed below, after being admitted, it's essential to show proof of OSA completion. Before obtaining the necessary certificate, ensure you're registered.

Programs requiring OSA completion:

  • Archaeology BA
  • Biophysics BSc
  • Biological Sciences BSc
  • Chemistry BSc
  • German Studies BA major/minor
  • Islamic Studies BA
  • Art History BA major
  • Meteorology BSc 
  • Music BA major

Keep in mind, both Biophysics and Chemistry applicants need to submit additional motivation letters. For guidelines and sample letters, check out the homepage of the respective faculty.

While not obligatory, you can also get a certificate for non-mandatory OSAs. In this case, registration on the OSA page is a must. It is necessary to sign up for teaching degree OSAs (except for the English teaching degree), although participating in the OSA remains optional.

How do I get my certificate?

After completing the OSA, your certificate will be automatically presented on the final page. Remember, it's crucial to register at the start of the OSA!

When applying for enrollment, submit all required documents, including the certificate and, if needed, the letter of motivation. This step is necessary even if the application form doesn't explicitly mention it.

Need to access your certificate again later? Simply log into the OSA platform and select the certificate (displayed as a light blue tile) from the menu, which you'll find as three lines in the top-left corner of your browser.

If you forgot to register before starting the OSA, we won't be able to issue a certificate. In this case, clear your browser cache and begin the OSA again.

Keep in mind, your certificate remains valid for a span of one year.