Doctors and Hospitals

Going to see a doctor

With minor problems and illnesses it is advisable to go to a general practitioner (Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin, often referred to as Hausarzt)

You can find a list of general practitioners near you via:

A visit to a general practitioner (GP) has the following advantages:

  • If you only have something minor such as a headache or a cold, the GP can help and you don't need to go to a hospital.
  • A GP has a broad education covering a wide range of illnesses and knows when to send you to a specialist. Your Hausarzt keeps track of your personal health record. If necessary, your GP will transfer you to a specialist (or a hospital). However, you can also consult a specialist directly.
  • You should definitely call ahead for an appointment and take your insurance card every time you visit a doctor.
  • In case of accidents or acute illness you should be able to get an appointment immediately or on the same day.
  • Language difficulties? Here you can find English speaking doctors in Frankfurt: or Arztsuche TK

Medical emergency services

If you have a medical emergency at the weekend or on a public holiday, you can go to a medical emergency service.

In case of a serious accident and danger to life, dial the 112 emergency number. It works in all of Germany and is free of charge. An ambulance will get to you within 15 minutes at the latest!

If your case is less serious, you can take yourself to the emergency ward at the nearest hospital. The emergency wards are open 24/7.

If you dial 116 117, you will reach a doctor no matter where in Germany you are. This call is free of charge for anyone who is insured with a German health insurance.

Hospitals in Frankfurt

  • Unfallklinik Frankfurt am Main
    Friedberger Landstraße 430
    60389 Frankfurt
    Tel:+49 69 / 4750
  • Bürgerhospital
    Nibelungen­allee 37-41
    60318 Frankfurt am Main
    Telefon (069) 1500 - 0
  • Universitätsklinikum
    Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
    60590 Frankfurt am Main
    Tel: +49 69 / 6301-0
  • Agaplesion Markus Krankenhaus
    Wilhelm–Epstein–Straße 4
    60431 Frankfurt am Main   
    Telefon: +49 69 / 95 33 0
  • Klinik Maingau vom Roten Kreuz
    Scheffelstraße 2-14
    60318 Frankfurt am Main
    Telefon: +49 69 / 4033 0
  • Hospital zum heiligen Geist
    Lange Str. 4-6
    60311 Frankfurt am Main
    Telefon: +49 69 / 21960

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