Chair of Numerics for Partial Differential Equations

Many processes in natural and economic sciences can be modelled by ordinary or partial differential equations (PDEs). Solving these equations allows to simulate and predict the behavior of a system if the all necessary parameters are known. At the Chair of Numerics for PDEs, we develop numerical solution methods for such differential equations. Our special research focus is on solving the associated inverse parameter identification problems.

Prof. Dr. Bastian von Harrach-Sammet (Room: 101)

Heike Dreibholz (Room: 102)

Research Assistants, PhD Students and Postdocs:
Andrej Brojatsch, M.Sc. (Room: 103a)
PD Dr. Sarah Eberle-Blick (Room: 103)
Dipl.-Math. Daniel Jaroszewski (Room: 109)
Nora Schenk, M.Sc. (Room: 109a)
Johannes Wagner, M.Sc. (Room 104)
Dr. Xianchao Wang (Room: 109)

You can find us on the first floor of the Mathematics building, Robert Mayer-Str. 10 at Campus Bockenheim.

  • Dr. Stephan Gardoll
  • Carl Valter Pohjola, PhD
  • Dr. Dominik Garmatter
  • Dr. Tim Jahn
  • Mach Nguyet Minh, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Janosch Rieger
  • Dr. Lilian Simon, geb. Arnold
  • Dr. Marcel Ullrich

Office Numerical Analysis
Heike Dreibholz
Institute of Mathematics
Goethe University Frankfurt
Robert-Mayer-Str. 10
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Room: 102
Telephone: +49 69 798 22422

Office hours: Mon-Thu, 9-13.30