Feb 17 2022

The New CEDITRAA Project Website is Live!

Check out the new project website at for current insights into the IZO joint research project Cultural Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation in Africa and Asia.

In addition to detailed reports on the two major Events to date - the Opening Conference in July and the Methods Workshop in October 2021 - the website features extensive information on the four research areas as well as the individual projects carried out in Frankfurt, Mainz and Lagos (Research). Moreover, the Methods section presents the different methodological approaches employed by the participating researchers to study the concept of Cultural Entrepreneurship especially in Korea and Nigeria

In the course of the now beginning (field) research, regular updates on individual research activities can be found in the News section. Most recently, CEDITRAA researcher Artemis Saleh reports on her first CEDITRAA field trip to Lagos and her meeting with the project partners from Pan-Atlantic University.