– February 2022

Due to water damage, the offices of Ms. Anlauft, Mr. Brenner, Mr. Perkola, Mr. Sartorius and Mr. Wagemann as well as the workstations of our student employees are currently not accessible. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to carry out activities for which we need a scanner, printer or material from the offices.


Chair in Qualitative Empirical Research Methods



As envisioned in the project, the Work Package 5 (WP5), coordinated by Claudius Wagemann at the Goethe University Frankfurt, starts in the second year of ProDem. It deals with the institutional arena, exploring whether movement parties politically represent the concerns of the mass protests' participants.

Taking a policy analysis perspective, WP5 will investigate the transition of social movements' political demands into the political system and provide a triple comparison between the agendas of social movements, movement parties, and governments. The next few months the WP5 team in Frankfurt will be analyzing the policy issues which are most important to the selected social movements in the six European countries studied by ProDem and the political agendas of the movement parties connected to these social movements, assessing the degree to which the latter reflect the political demands of the social movements. We will arrive at the political profiles of several most prominent policy issues for each social movement and movement party. In drawing up these profiles we will rely on the results and data from other ProDem Work Packages and complement that with the document analysis of relevant sources in each country case. 

This step will then bring us closer to the next goal of evaluating the degree to which movement parties and parliamentary and government actors adopt social movements' policy demands for the set of identified central policy issues, later to be examined through Qualitative Comparative Analysis.


As the New Year has started, we are very happy to welcome Daria Glukhova as post-doc research associate at our team! Daria comes from the prestigeous European University Institute in Florence to enrich our team with her engaging personality and her profound expertise in public policy analysis, comparative and EU politics and the QCA method. Bringing in that knowledge, Daria will contribute to the ProDem project. 

Dear Daria, we are more than happy to have you here and wish you a good start and a wonderful time with us in Frankfurt!