Since 2021 the centre for collegiate sports has a pilot-project for departments and working groups of the Goethe University, where they can book a trial course in rowing. The goal of this 3 – 3,5h long course is to channel the positive impact of activity and movement in order strengthen the team-spirit, promote communication and create a collective motivation through a shared fun experience. This also helps to strengthen the identification with the Goethe University.

The event takes place heeding the current regulations in regard to the universities boathouse (Schaumainkai 70, Frankfurt). The rowing takes place in broad four seated boats, which means that a group ideally consists of 4, 8 or 12 person (different numbers require an inquiry)


The trial course is 35€ for each employee, while assistants and apprentices pay 30€ each. The participants usually have to pay for themselves but an invoice towards a department of the Goethe-University is also possible. The payment is processed in accordance with the centre for collegiate sports.

Are these events bookable for people who are not involved with the GU as either students or employees?

Yes, non-GU-associates can also participate or book our team event, but at a price of 75€ each.


If you’re interested in our rowing-team event please contact the centre for collegiate sports and provide the following information:

Reason/Motivation for the event

How many people

Desired date: The event takes place during the summer semester, usually on thursdays between 5pm and half past 8pm different appointments upon request.

We will contact you after receiving your inquiry, thereby we can work out personalised concept considering your specific ideas and requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email. We’re looking forward to your contact!

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