Organisational Matters

The field of sports competitions lies within the responsibilities of Luisa Handing (, students and employees who want to participate in competitions are therefore free to contact her in this regard. The announcements of the adh in regards to competitive events can be found on the homepage of the adh under the section for competition in their calendar.

Please include the following information:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Student number
  • Date of birth 
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Name of the competition, the place and the date

Tournament relevant additions (weight class for example, class, discipline, maybe your personal best from the previous year)

Please read the announcement thoroughly!

To sign up more than one person, please copy the chart and everyone fills it out separately and completely.

The internal deadline is 10 days before the official adh deadline, due to organisational matters!

By signing up at the centre of collegiate sports, the athlete agrees to participate at the tournament, be present and behave according to the rules and standards set by the organiser. This is binding not only in accordance to the actual tournament (keyword: fair play) but also outside of the competition itself (keyword: overnight stay at a facility)

Important: There is no Wegeschutz / pathway protection for DHM or adh open. Meaning there is no insurance coverage for the athletes on their way to or from the DHM and the adh open.

Accidents and Injuries as a result of and during the competition have to be reported immediately to the centre of collegiate sports via the according questionary. The Landesunfallkasse / accident insurance of the country will determine for each single case if the damage in question falls under insurance.

It is thereby strongly recommended to have a private indemnity insurance as well as a private accident insurance.


The following costs are eligible for refund in correspondence with the DHM and the adh-open:

Sign up cost (please include original receipt!)

Accommodation expenses for the shelter provided by the event operator (Gym halls, tent, etc.) different kind of accommodation expenses (a hotel, for example) will not be refunded. It exists no claim to non-utilized funds if the shelter provided by the event operator isn't used. (please include original receipt)

Travel costs: There is a travel expense subsidy of 0,07 €/km per person, eligible only outside of the area already covered by the Semesterticket (please include screenshot). Starting point of this travel has to be Frankfurt.

In case of illness or accident, a doctors certificate has to be provided immediately. Without this, athletes will have to pay the sign up costs and the forfeit money by themselves.

Teams/Participants who qualify for additional rounds of competition obligate themselves to participate in these.

If they do not, they are obligated to pay the resulting costs (the forfeit money, for example) from their own expenses.

No reimbursement of food costs.

Finally we would like to ask for a result report and pictures from the event at least three days after the competition has taken place. Please use the according template at the end, thank you!