101 participants at this years Goethe-Online-Race! Things never turn out as one might expect. Which participant of last years Goethe-Race would have thought, that it can't take place on next year? At least not on site. All the more reason for us to be happy, that our Goethe-Online-Race was well received. This also opened our eyes to new possibilities that we would like to talk about: No matter the track or conduct, in the familiar streets of Frankfurt and Offenbach am Main, the fields and woodlands of Neu-Ansbach, Burgdorf or Ebersdorf, while taking the dog for a walk, exercising some nordic-walking, or hiking in Marseille, running in Sjølund – Denmark or taking a pregnancy stroll. This year's Goethe-Race under the premise „running together, in distance united“ incited the Goethe-Race-Community to run around so many different places. During its runtime, every participant could run their own 5,8km track, at a time of and with individually added goals of their own choosing. Some where motivated to achieve a personal best or even to become the runner with the fastest time overall. Others were forming teams in ordert o motivate each other: no delay, no surrender. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we decided to share some of it here. We are very happy about all the enjoyment spread by the event.
“…yesterday I finished my nordic-walking of 5,8km and had a lot of
fun. My dog Ayla accompanied me and we enjoyed it very much. I would
be happy if the Race could repeat in this format. My time was: 58min.
Best regards, Elvira."

“...this year I managed to finish the 5,8km faster (25:57 min) than last year. I'm already in positive anticipation of next year, when all of us will hopefully be able to run together again. As it is even more fun as a community.
Best regards, Jens."

“...it is great that the Goethe-Race has found a format to take place, despite Corona!
Many thanks and best regards from Offenbach, Alina."

“Was a lot of fun.
Best regards, Linda."

“...I just walked the distance, as I was in the last month of my pregnancy, but nonetheless I was very happy that there was a way I could participate. :)
Best regards, Jana."

“...we were very happy, that there was an opportunity to partake in the Goethe-Race, despite all hindrances.
Team Macarunners."

“Thanks for this cool event and have a nice weekend!
Best regards Antonia."

“...Thank you very much for organising this event – it was a very beautiful idea!
Best regards, Antonia."

“...thank you for proceeding with the Goethe-Race in a virtual format, despite Corona! Thank you for the motivational push!
Best regards, Julia."

© Photo: Imke Folkerts