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Jun 24 2019

Study shows: MRI on par with cardiac catheterization

Non-invasive view into the heart 

Jun 19 2019

Researchers simulate the extreme pressure and heat in the Earth’s mantle

News from the diamond nursery 

Jun 13 2019

The famous philosopher returns to Goethe University on the occasion of his 90th birthday to talk about the relationship between morality and ethics 

Public lecture by Jürgen Habermas on 19th June 2019

Jun 12 2019

Biochemist Robert Tampé has been elected to the European Molecular Biology Organization EMBO

Specialist in immune research distinguished

Jun 12 2019

Biotechnologists from Goethe University develop robust and efficient methods for the production of new peptide drugs

Construction kit for custom-designed products 

Jun 3 2019

The Baker McKenzie Award 2018 presented for two outstanding dissertations on commercial law at Goethe University  

Award-winning dissertations on investment protection law and substance law 

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