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First samples from the asteroid Ryugu will come to Frankfurt

The geoscientist Frank Brenker and his team will be among the first scientists to examine material from the asteroid Ryugu. It is currently being orbited by the Japanese aerospace agency JAXA’s space probe Hayabusa 2.

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Sociology II

Great Britain: A model example?

Körber Foundation’s German Thesis Award for comparison of poverty trends in Germany and the United Kingdom

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Film degree programme to be exported to Nigeria

The University of Jos will offer a master’s degree in film archiving and film culture modelled on Goethe University programme.

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Blood vessels instruct brain development

Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt report new discoveries about neurovascular communication in the brain.

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My counterpart determines my behavior

In a recent study, Frankfurt social-psychologist Dr. Anna Lisa Aydin discovers that while the social class in which a person is raised influences behavior, the communication situation is even more important.

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Extreme heat episodes are going to increase

Climate researcher Joachim Curtius from the Goethe University on the effects of this record-breaking summer, their human influence, and the outlook for the future

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New hope for rare disorder

A new drug has been successfully tested at the University Hospital Frankfurt, giving hope to sufferers of hereditary angioedema, a chronic and life-threatening disorder.

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3 million euro for early career researchers at Goethe University

European Research Council awards starting grants for projects on stress responses in mitochondria and Jewish translations.

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