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En route to custom-designed natural products

Researchers decode structure and function of docking domains in the biosynthesis of peptide natural products.

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Successful Excellence Approval: Cardiovascular Researchers in Frankfurt and Giessen are delighted

Excellence strategy: Joint project between Justus-Liebig-University, Goethe University and Max-Planck-Institute clears the last hurdle

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Green IT

“Green” supercomputer for science

The second generation of an extremely energy-efficient supercomputer model is currently being developed at Goethe University.

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From California to the Main

Cardiovascular Researcher Dr. Nuno Guimarães Camboa founds a junior research group at Goethe University with €1.25m

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First samples from the asteroid Ryugu will come to Frankfurt

The geoscientist Frank Brenker and his team will be among the first scientists to examine material from the asteroid Ryugu. It is currently being orbited by the Japanese aerospace agency JAXA’s space probe Hayabusa 2.

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Sociology II

Great Britain: A model example?

Körber Foundation’s German Thesis Award for comparison of poverty trends in Germany and the United Kingdom

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Blood vessels instruct brain development

Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt report new discoveries about neurovascular communication in the brain.

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