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When will a neutron star collapse to a black hole?

Astrophysicists from Goethe University Frankfurt have found a simple formula for the maximum mass of a rotating neutron star and hence answered a question that had been open for decades. A young women did the analysis during her bachelor thesis.

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Helmholtz Award

This year the most important award in the field of metrology, the science of making precise measurements, was awarded to a team of five Frankfurt atomic physicists at Goethe University: Prof. Reinhard Dörner, Associate Prof. Dr. Till Jahnke, Dr. Maksim Kunitzki, Dr. Jörg Voigtsberger and Stefan Zeller.

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Medical Science

New Hope for Cancer Patients

Researchers at Goethe University and the University of Kent have identified a first step in the design of a new generation of anti-cancer drugs that include an agent to inhibit resistance to their effectiveness.

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Museum Giersch

Lecture: Ludwig Meidner's Exile in London

Ludwig Meidner (1884–1966) ranks as one of the outstanding German artists of the modern era. The exhibition at Goethe University's Museum Giersch focuses on works created by this Jewish artist throughout his years in exile. On May 19th Dr. Shulamith Behr (Courtauld Institute of Art, London) speaks about "Exile Creativity and the series "Leiden der Juden in Polen" ("Suffering of the Jews in Poland") (1942-45).

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Hunting pressure on forest animals in Africa is on the increase

Many populations of African animal species have dramatically decreased or already disappeared altogether. A team of European researchers led by Goethe University Frankfurt has now predicted hunting pressure for the Congo Basin and produced a detailed map, which could help in regional planning.

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Life Science

How roots grow

Researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt found out: root shape of plants is determined by a combination of genetic predisposition and the self-organization of cells.

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Light signals from living cells

In the current issue of Nature Communications, Researchers from Goethe University report on a process that uses pressure to deliver chemical probes in a fine-tuned manner into living cells.

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