Research group social stratification and social policy

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+49(0)69 798-

Prof. Dr. Markus Gangl

3.G122 by appointment 36633 mgangl[at]

Ursula Büchner

3.G132 Mo-Do 10-12 Uhr und 14-16 Uhr
Fr 10-12 Uhr
36634 u.buechner[at]
Research fellows:        
Stefanie Hoherz, Ph.D. 2.G169 by appointment 36616 hoherz[at]
Kristina Lindemann, Ph.D. 1.G063 by appointment 36712 lindemann[at]
Anne-Kathrin Kronberg, Ph.D. 3.G134 Mo 16-18 36630 kronberg[at]
Eleonora Vlach, Ph.D. 3.G.133 by appointment 36631 vlach[at]
Jan Brülle 3.G147 by appointment 36629 bruelle[at]
Anna Gerlach 1.G063 by appointment 36717 gerlach[at]

Carlotta Giustozzi

1.G056 by appointment 36710 giustozzi[at]
Student and teaching assistants:


Marija Schultheis