Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Biological Sciences

Earning a PhD in the Faculty of Biological Sciences

Application as a PhD Student

The Q&A (Fragen und Antworten) in the download files below were updated in July 2017; changes from the version dated 1 April 2017 have been highlighted in yellow.

Please note: as of 1 April 2017 only the new forms linked below will be accepted!

For your support throughout the various stages of your doctoral studies, you may find both information and the necessary forms in the download section below; unfortunately, the files are not available in English yet:

  • The form „Antrag auf Annahme als DoktorandIn“ (“Application for Acceptance as a Doctoral Student“) of our faculty differs from the form provided by the PhD Office (Promotionsbüro). You must use our form, which you may fill out on your computer (see comments below).
  • The form „Nachmeldung ZweitbetreuerIn“ (“Follow-up Registration of Co-Supervisor“) needs to be handed in only by doctoral candidates  who have submitted their „Antrag auf Annahme als DoktorandIn“ (“Application for Acceptance as a Doctoral Student“) after 1 April 2017 and did not name a Co-Supervisor in their application. Please see item 1.2 of our Q&A (Fragen und Antworten) for further information.
  • Graduates of Universities of Applies Sciences and graduates of foreign universities may find important information in the respective files which must be considered before applying for acceptance as a doctoral student.
  • If necessary, please use the additional forms such as „Antrag auf Änderung des Arbeitstitels“ (“Application for Change of Working Title“), „Betreuerwechsel“ (“Application for Change of Supervisor“), or „Antrag auf Genehmigung einer publikationsbasierten Promotion“ („Application for Publication Based Thesis“).
  • The form „Angaben zur Form der Dissertation“ („Thesis Type Specification“) must be submitted with your thesis at the PhD Office (Promotionsbüro).
  • The Merkblatt (faculty leaflet) contains information on binding internal regulations
  • The file „Fragen und Antworten“ (Q&A) will answer most of your remaining questions.

For better legibility, all forms should be filled out electronically. The forms „Antrag auf Annahme als DoktorandIn“ and „Nachmeldung ZweitbetreuerIn“ can be filled out using Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF-XChange Viewer und Foxit Reader (to name but a few).

Should you have any further questions, please contact the Dean's Office by email or phone. Should you want to come by in person, please make an appointment.

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