International Research and Research Networks

A focus of the Faculty of Biological Sciences is the investigation of long and short-term adaptation of organisms to their environment. In this context, the complete spectrum of biodiversity from microbes up to higher eukaryotes is at the focus of the investigations. In this case, the Faculty can profit from its excellent organismic and molecular competences, which are based on a long tradition in Frankfurt.

In 2008, biodiversity research manifested itself successfully in the establishment of the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiKF). Research on biochemical, cellular and neurobiological problem complexes is oriented toward current focuses. Several work groups participate in the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 902 “Molecular Mechanisms of RNA-based Regulation” as well as in SFB 807 “Transport and Communication across Biological Membranes” which were approved in 2011. Seven work groups belong to the Excellence Cluster “Macromolecular complexes”, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG); others are associated with it.

The cooperation in these outstanding research associations strengthens the profile of the Faculty in cell biology and neuroscience as well as in the molecular biosciences. In addition to the above-mentioned research partners, further important cooperation partners of the Faculty of Biological Sciences in Research and teaching are the following: