Doreen Möckel
Doctoral student

Phone: +49 69 / 798 42064

Research projectCellular mechanisms of active mechanical sound amplification in simple hearing organs

Active mechanical amplification of low level sound guarantees exceptional hearing sensitivity and sharp frequency tuning in hearing organs. By-product and indicator of such mechanisms are otoacoustic emissions (OAEs). Tympanal organs of insects generate otoacoustic emissions whose characteristics correspond to those measured in vertebrates. My PhD project aims to determine the source of OAEs in tympanal organs. I want to use OAE- and electrophysiological recordings from different insect auditory organs to study cellular mechanisms of mechanical amplification. The contribution of single sensory cells to auditory amplification and generation of acoustic energy will be assessed by comparing species with very simple tympanal organs (Noctuoid moths) with species that have more complex ears (bush cricket, locusts). Because of their morphology, sensory cells in tympanal organs provide an easier accessibility of for manipulations than vertebrate ears. Sensory cells will be manipulated pharmacologically and mechanically to influence specific cellular components that could be involved in force generation in insect hearing organs.


20132012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

Publications 2013

Möckel D, Kössl M and Nowotny M (2013) Mechanical two-tone-distortions in the tympanum motion of locusts. 10th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society: T17-3A.

Möckel D, Kössl M and Nowotny M (2013) Mechanical two-tone-distortions in the movement of the tympanal membrane of insects. 36th Midwinter Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology: 166.

Publications 2012

Kössl M, Möckel D (2012) Measurement of sensitive distortion-product otoacoustic emissions in insect tympanal organs. J Exp Biol 215:566-567. (Correspondence to Moir et al. 2011, JEB 214:3165-3172)

Möckel D, Kössl M, Lang J, Nowotny M (2012) Temperature dependence of distortion-product otoacoustic emissions in tympanal organs of locusts. J Exp Biol 215: 3309-3316.

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Publications 2011

Möckel, D.; Lang, J.; Nowotny, M.; Seyfarth, E.-A.; Kössl, M. (2011) Temperature-dependence and procaine-induced changes of DPOAEs in insect ears. 13th International Meeting of Invertebrate Sound and Vibration.

Möckel, D.; Seyfarth, E.-A.; Kössl, M. (2011) Otoacoustic emissions in bushcricket ears: General characteristics and the influence of the neuroactive insectizide pymetrozine. J Comp Physiol A 197: 193-202.
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Publications 2010

Nowotny, M.; Hummel, J.; Weber, M.; Möckel, D.; Kössl, M. (2010):Acoustic-induced motion of the bushcricket (Mecopoda elongata, Tettigoniidae) tympanum. J Comp Physiol A 196: 939-945.

Publications 2009

Nowotny, M. ; Möckel, D. ; Weber, M. ; Kössl, M. (2009): Sound induced vibration pattern on the tympanal membranes of the bushcricket Mecopoda elongata. 8th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society: T17-1C.

Möckel, D.; Kössl, M. (2009) Pymetrozine and procaine affect the DPOAE-generation in tympanal organs of insects. 32nd Midwinter Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology: 351.
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Publications 2008

Kössl, M. ; Möckel, D. ; Weber, M. ; Seyfarth, E.-A. (2008):
Otoacoustic emissions from insect ears: evidence of active hearing?
J Comp Physiol A 194: 597-609.

Möckel, D. ; Seyfarth, E.-A. ; Kössl, M. (2008):
Sources of otoacoustic emissions from tympanal organs in insects.
FENS Abstr 4, 087.13.

Kössl, M.; Möckel, D.; Weber, M.; Seyfarth, E.-A. (2008):
Schallemissionen aus Insektenohren: Hinweis auf aktives Hören?
Neuroforum 08 (1): 166-173.

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Publications 2007

Möckel, D. ; Seyfarth, E.-A.; Kössl, M. (2007):
Tympanal sensilla generate DPOAEs in the locust ear.
Neuroforum 07 (1): T18-6B.

Möckel, D. ; Seyfarth, E.-A. ; Kössl, M. (2007):
The generation of DPOAEs in the locust ear is contingent upon the sensory neurons.
J Comp Physiol A 193: 871-879.

Möckel, D. ; Kössl, M. ; Seyfarth, E.-A. (2007):
Pymetrozine, a neuroactive insecticide, reduces otoacoustic emissions in the bushcricket ear.
10th Meeting Austrian Neuroscience Association (ANA), Seggauberg: P37.

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Publications 2006

Möckel, D. ; Seyfarth, E.-A. ; Kössl, M. (2006):
DPOAEs in the locust depend on the integrity of the sensory organ.
Assoc Res Otolaryngol Abs: 23.

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