Jennifer Hummel
Doctoral Student
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Research project

The hearing organ of bush crickets are located in the tibia of the forelegs and consist amongst others of a tonotopically arranged sensory cell organ, the so called crista acustica, which possibly is a basic model of hearing organs in general. The aim of my PhD project is to determine the transformation of sound to electrical information in the tropical bush cricket Mecopoda elongata including the transmission properties of the tympanal membranes as well as the influence of the induced hearing loss through noise and systemic medication.


2011, 2010

Publications 2011

Publications: Hummel, J., Kössl, M. und Nowotny, M. (2011). Sound-induced tympanal
membrane motion in bushcrickets and its relationship to the sensory
output. J. Exp. Biol. (J Exp Biol 214, 3596-3604).

Hummel J., Kössl M., Nowotny M. 2011. Does the auditory nerve activity reflect the tympanal
membrane motion in bushcrickets? 8th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society. # T17-8A.

Hummel, J., Kössl, M. und Nowotny, M. (2011). Functional coupling of
tympanal membrane motion and tympanal nerve response. “Invertebrate Sound
and Vibration, 13th International Meeting” (04.-06.07.2011).

Nowotny, M., Palghat Udayashankar, A., Weber, M., Hummel, J. und
Kössl, M.
(2011). Sound Transduction in the Auditory System of Bushcrickets.
“Mechanics of Hearing 2011, The 11th International Workshop” (01.-05.07.2011).

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Publications 2010

Nowotny, M.; Hummel, J.; Weber, M.; Möckel, D.; Kössl, M. (2010):
Acoustic-induced motion of the bushcricket (Mecopoda elongata, Tettigoniidae) tympanum. J Comp Physiol A 196: 939-945.

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