Best teaching and study conditions

A record number of approximately 46,500 students enrolled at Goethe University for the winter semester 2014/2015. This makes the university not only the largest in Hesse but also one of the three largest in the whole of Germany. The government goal of over 50 percent of school leavers entering university on leaving school, the double final school-leaving years (Years 12 and 13) and the suspension of military service have all resulted in a 40 percent increase in the number of students since 2007. The number of school leavers enrolling in their first study semester has in fact doubled over this period.

The increase presents Goethe University, the Student Union and the city of Frankfurt with a number of challenges, such as providing affordable student accommodation and having a sufficient number of lecture theatres, laboratories and enough space in the dining areas to accommodate all the students. Funding under the Higher Education Pact established by the Federal Government and the state governments has in recent years given the university the means to build a new seminar building and also a seminar pavilion, which was ready for use in 2014. To counteract further deterioration in the lecturer/student ratio, new professorships and academic posts were created under the Professorship Programme.