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In 2004, Rainer Forst established the Research Colloquium of Political Theory, a forum for the discussion of most important developments in contemporary political theory and philosophy. Members of the colloquium get the opportunity to present their research and guest speakers are invited regularly. 

Several external researchers have given lectures that were recorded and can be watched or listened to online.

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Colloquium Summer 2023

With C. Voß, E. Ray, E. Benner, B. Ackerman, C. Lu, E. Kelly, R. Mordacci, J. McCormick, M. Sandel, H. Richardson, K. Oberman, D. Weinstock, A. Chignell, J. de Oliveira Lorena, D. Statman, and Y. Benbaji.

Colloquium Winter 2022/23

With M. Krishnamurthy, A. Pasternak, P. Gümplová, L. Hamilton, B. Laurence, P. Schink, J. Pallikkathayil, B. Terry, A. Kohlers, F. Kämper, C. Shelley, N. Khatami, and C. Delmas.