Department for external funding (faculty 16)

Department for external funding (faculty 16)

What are external funds?

External funds are benefits provided by third parties to support research projects or other scientific purposes in research or education. In addition to national and budget funds, external funds are provided by public or private third parties.

External funds in particular:

  • Funding by the German Research Foundation (DFG), federal government (Bund), European Union, Foundations, corporations, charges from Research- and development contracts or coorporation agreements, donations.

The following resources are not considered as external funds:

  • Charges without a research reference, for example services without a significant outcome in research.

Requesting the opening of an external funds account

We replaced the form for requesting the opening of an external funds account with the faculty's software FACTScience® instead of manual application forms. Now you have an extended and revised application procedure available for the opening of an external funds account.

Further information about the application procedure can be found here. (in German only)

Research Information and Funding Support/ Project Management

Research Information and Funding Support     Project Management

Combines all services concerning the initiation of third-party-funded projects: You can find information on solicitations, we will assist you with the search for the funding programme which fits best to your project and we also support you with the proposal.

Newsletters as well as information events complete our service prior to the application. We also offer the respective support between the grant and kick-off of your project, e.g. with the contract management.

Further Information


The recently implemented project management is a service of the Research Service Center which will support you thoroughly from fund raising to the organization of joint projects with national and international sponsors.

If you plan to apply for a joint project, do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you drafting the application.The service is optional for researchers of Goethe-University

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