Lectures in winter term 2017/2018
Tutorials on the topic:"Theorie and Praxis agentenbasierter Modellierung in der Archäologie"

Lectures in winter term 2016/2017
Digitale Methoden und ihre Anwendung in der Archäologie


Various Projects for Archäologische Grabungen Mattheußer (AGM), Augsburg (Germany)

Studies of Prehistoric Archeology and Anthropology Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen (Germany)
Title of the Master thesis: Die Funde und Befunde der Bronze- und älteren Eisenzeit aus der Pipeline Stade – Teutschenthal.

Various Projects for Verschiedene Grabungsfirmen, Niedersachsen (Germany)

Research Assistant in the project „Peripherie und Zentrum“ funded by the DFG, Watenstedt, Kr. Helmstedt
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany)



Die Funde und Befunde der Bronze- und älteren Eisenzeit aus der Pipeline Stade – Teutschenthal, Universität Göttingen, 2013, (unpubliziert).


Eine ehemalige Wasserburg in Bobingen, Das Archäologische Jahr in Bayern 2014, 157 - 159.

Frühmittelalterliche Metallverarbeitung in Bobingen Das Archäologische Jahr in Bayern 2013, 129–131.

Conference contributions


Think social! – Hillforts beyond centrality and elites
European Archaeological Association (EAA) Annual Conference 2018, Barcelone 09/2018

Do Conflicts Drive Urbanity? Spatial Modeling of Conflict and Flows in the Bronze Age
CAA World Conference 2018, Tübingen 03/2018

Blur the Lines – Games as Tools for Archaeological Research
CAA Conference 2017, Atlanta 03/2017

Tracing centrality through small scale interactions - A regional approach
The Creation of Landscapes V, Kiel 03/2017

Networks, Agents and Interactions: How to use Agent Based Models to Investigate Archaeological Network Formation
The Connected Past 2017: The Future of Past Networks?, Bournemouth UK 08/2017

Tracing Centrality: Bronze Age Hilforts as Actor in Networks
Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists 2017, Maastricht (NL), 08/2017

Agent Based Modeling and Archeological Networks - Refining the Material Based Approach
Third European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN), Mainz 09/2017

Excavate a virtual Place in a virtual World - Conducting archeological Fieldwork in Dwarf Fortress,
The Interactive Pasts Conference, Leiden (NL) 04/2016.

Modeling Bronze Age societies: The problem of proxies and uncertainty in archeological modeling
Social Simulation Conference 2016 Rom (I), 09/2016

Beyond the harvest - A spotlight on soil based storage systems in the late bronze age
Kolloquium: Periphere Wirtschaftszonen in Siedlungen, Bonn 09/2014.

Only Posts & Pits? - The Bronze Age Hamlets in the Elbe-Region
Symposium Onderzoek Jonge Archeologen (SOJA), Groningen (NL) 04/2013.

Session Chair

Beyond Ramparts, Walls and Ditches: New Perspectives on the European Hillforts
European Archaeological Association (EAA) Annual Conference 2018, Barcelone 09/2018


2016 1st International LOEWE-Conference
7th - 9th December 2016, Frankfurt (D)

"Identifying bronze Age Hillforts between Taunus and Vogelsberg", Poster by Lennart Linde and Dr. Daniel Neumann