Project Management

Project Management

The Research Service Center is establishing a central project management. In the first configuration level, we encourage applicants to use this service who intend to apply as coordinator for a EU-joint project at Goethe-University. The management team will support you with their expertise in project management, starting with the application period.

Prospectively, the service may be expanded to joint projects of other sponsors.

We support with the following topics:

First application:

  • Set-up a consortium
  • Budget division
  • Set-up of work packages
  • Formal design of the proposal

After successful assessment:

  • Contract design and negotiation
  • Preparation of consortium contract
  • Safeguarding intellectual property

During the actual project phase we offer to take care of management tasks and overall project management for your joint project:

  • Planning and distribution of costs for staff and material
  • Accounting and amortization value for investments
  • Prepare fiscal report – support for auditing and correct calculation

…and much more


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